Angel Organic Blow Out Service: 100% Formaldehyde Free, No Smell, Totally Safe!

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Angel’s Anti Aging Organic Keratin delivers up to 5 months of smooth and shiny hair. Keeps hair moisturized and easy to manage.

Water Element Cream Hair Color (81 Colors)
Enriched with the pith of deep-sea seaweeds and using Angel’s advanced Marine Collagen technology to increase hair’s protection against UV rays, it prevents dryness and makes the hair naturally vibrant. Mix with 3% 6% 9% 12% 15% peroxide by 1:1, dab on the hair blade thoroughly and leave in for 15-30 min, then rinse thoroughly.
Water Element Decolor Powder
Decolors and bleaches without damage.

Ginseng Shampoo
Ginseng strengthens hair, reduces breakage, cleans follicles and helps stimulate new hair growth. Blended with ginseng extract Rb1, onion extracts, and eucalyptus concentrate, this formula reduces hair loss and replenishes hair nutrition providing you with noticeable results. Directions: wet hair, dispense 5-10ml of product onto palm and massage into scalp for five minutes. Rinse well.
Ginseng Conditioner
Coming from natural sources, ginseng helps rebuild hair structure allowing follicles to grow healthy hair by providing nutrients to the roots and nourishing matrix cells. It also protects from UVA and UVB rays, creating a healthy environment for proper hair growth.

Angel Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Professionally formulated to remove excess oil from hair and scalp. This deep cleansing shampoo is especially useful before perm and dye. Also penetrates damaged hair to strengthen and protect against additional damage. Works immediately, rinses cleanly and won’t coat your hair.
Angel Marine Depth Spa Shampoo for Colored Hair
Marine Depth Spa Shampoo for Colored Hair
Enriched with special weak acid ingredients to increase the color stability and keep your hair color at its peak. Leaving it vibrant and healthy, with a lustrous shine.

Angel Marine Depth Spa Shampoo Dry-Neutral Hair
Marine Depth Spa Shampoo Dry-Neutral Hair
Enriched with special weak acid ingredients to increase the color stability and keep your hair color at its peak. Leaving it vibrant and healthy, with a lustrous shine.
Pearl Glossing Shampoo for Blonde Hair
This product is specially formulated to add pearl gloss to white, grey or blonde hair which is dull, lifeless or discolored. Amino acid contained can effectively maintain the condition of hair, retaining purity and natural sheen. After shampooing, it gives hair a natural, lustrous and healthy look!

A301-12353416409Marine Depth Spa Conditioner
Derived from the deep-sea plants, it forms a natural protecting layer to keep your hair moisturized and smooth.
A305-12371837091Thickening Conditioner
Condition your hair to a fuller look and fuller feel. A balanced mixture of Seaweed, wheat amino acids and moisturizers, help make your hair stronger, resilient and healthy looking.

Water Element Ice Mud Nourishing Cream
Enriched with extract of NMF from ocean organisms, it keeps the hair nourished and moisturized. Derived from several kinds of natural plant piths, it accelerates cell recovery and prevents hair cells from oxidation, leaving the hair shiny and healthy.
Brazil Nut Hair Mask
Natural Brazil drupe oil, which directly penetrate and replenish the amino acid your hair needs. Activate the hair organization to make hair get multiple protections. Contains a variety of vitamins, fine luster elements, protein, and plant essence; required nutrients to renew yellow, fractured and frizzy hair. After use, hair is relaxed, natural and easy to comb, full of elasticity, gloss and vigor, at the same time, form protective film outside the hair ultraviolet irradiation and dust pollution to keep the hair healthy and bright.

Nourishing Cream Leave In
Derived from the center of seaweed stems gathered from the Mediterranean Sea, it protects your hair from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, leaving hair supple and lustrous.
Refining Oil
Refining Oil
It is created from the stems of deep-sea plants in order to deeply nourish your hair.

Hair Gel Ultra Forte
Angel’s strongest hair gel with a UV filter. The gel is very suitable for creating wet look hairstyles as well as blow-drying.
Hair Soften Spray
Enriched with deep-sea nutrients, it rejuvenates dry and stressed hair to make the hair shiny smooth and moisturized.
Thickifier – adds body and volume. Energizer – gives life to limp hair. Stylizer – defines, separates and controls.
Extreme Styling Gel Ultra Strong
Extreme Styling gel for extra ultra strong hold is a perfect product for super strong long lasting hold, creates ultimate style support with added protection against humidity and shine while easily re-styled with water applied.

Deep Sea Spa Hair Design Gel
Suitable for all kinds of hair texture and length. It cleanses easily to prevent detangling and protect the hair from humidity in the air.
Angel Sculpting Gel-Strong
Extra strong hold, perfect products for shaping and style, easily re-styled with water applied and easy to work with.

Setting Hair Spray
Suitable for all kinds of hair texture and length. It can be cleansed easily to prevent detangling and protect the hair from humidity in the air.
Living Style Mousse
Blended with aminosal, it can effectively strengthen hairs’ elasticity and the degree of curling. Natural oceanic essence chitin included can highly moisturize hairs for 24 hours. After using, flat hairs immediately turn into Stereoscopic and shining hairs.
Maximum Stick Wax
Out of control texture, screams with shine. Only for the coolest people.
Design Cream
Design Cream
Work your hair any way you want to maintain the shape and texture you want to last all day. Suitable for all hair types and any length. Apply a small amount by dabbing with fingertips, allowing you to achieve all possible hold levels desired.